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Moundville UM Church

Briggsville UM Church (church office)

Mission Statement

The mission of Trinity United Parish is to be a loving community of faith. Our faith in Jesus Christ is expressed through learning, growing and caring together.

Our Beliefs

As United Methodist Congregations, we embrace a variety of Christian belief.

At the core of our belief is faith in a God of love, whose grace is present long before we are aware, and whose grace seeks to perfect us in love.

We believe in Jesus Christ, whose example, presence and power guide us in our lives.

We believe that we are called as a community of people to live out our faith in a way that leads to hope, wholeness and justice.

Our History

Front of the Briggsville UMC, Briggsville, WI

The Moundville United Methodist Church was founded in 1855 as a part of the Primitive Methodist Church denomination. In 1888 it became part of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

The Briggsville United Methodist Church was founded as a Universalist congregation in 1873, but by 1879 had become part of the Methodist Episcopal denomination.

In 1940, the two churches were combined into a parish, along with Endeavor Trinity United Church in Christ. This arrangement lasted for almost 80 years.

The Briggsville and Moundville congregations have had active and creative ministries for all these years. They have a deep concern for the community and the world and continue to be in mission in many ways.

Outside Use of Church Buildings

Our church buildings have been used by many outside groups over the years, including a cemetery association, quilting group, homemaker’s group, many family reunions and more.

If you are interested in use of a church building, please use the Contact tab and contact us by phone or email.

Front of the Briggsville UMC, Briggsville, WI