Moundville UMC Easter Altar, Moundville, WI (Trinity United Parish)

Live Worship

We worship at 9 a.m. 
In 2023, worship will be at Moundville in November, and at Briggsville in December (except for December 17 at Moundville).

Christmas Eve will be at 9 a.m. in Briggsville and 4 p.m. in Moundville.

2024 Schedule: worship will be at Briggsville in January, March, May, July, September and November. Worship will be at Moundville in February, April, June, August, October and December.

Regular Preachers

Jim Cotter
Jim CotterPastor
Pastor Jim grew up in Minneapolis and Madison and was ordained in 1986. He is enjoying this “un-retirement” with the good people at Moundville and Briggsville. He enjoys preaching, creative worship and working with children. God has given us the gift of humor and music, so he tries to make use of these gifts.
Cheri Gibeaut
Cheri GibeautLay Speaker
I have been a member of Moundville UMC for 40 years. Lay Speaking is certainly something I never thought I would do some 30 years ago when I took my first Lay Leader class. I just wanted to be a better leader in my church. But God had other ideas and kept gently pushing me towards the pulpit. It has been my honor and privilege to serve God in this way. My goal is always to share God’s message of love and forgiveness and to do it in a way that glorifies Him.
Linda Krueger
Linda KruegerLay Speaker
Linda Krueger was encouraged to attend a Basic Lay Speaking class in 1993 by her pastor. This class, along with subsequent classes taken, has helped her to feel more comfortable in being a servant leader in her church. She finds sharing her relationship with the Lord both rewarding and humbling as she interacts with others in her faith journey.

Church Musicians

Sally Dean
Sally DeanBriggsville
Bach gave us God’s word;
Mozart gave us God’s laughter;
Beethoven gave us God’s fire;
God gave us music that we might pray without words.
Barb Yerke
Barb YerkeMoundville
Barb felt a call in 2008 to participate more fully in the worship service. She started playing for Sunday church services at Moundville and now is playing for services and accompanying the adult choir. She finds this ministry rewarding because music has always been a very special part of her life and wants to serve God through her music ministry.

All are Welcome!

We practice open Communion the first Sunday of each month. Membership is not required in order to come to Christ’s table.

Sunday School for ages 4 through 8th grade takes place during worship September through May.

Moundville UM Church

Front of the Moundville United Methodist Church, Trinity United Parish, Moundville, WI

Briggsville UM Church

The Briggsville United Methodist Church, as seen from above by drone (Trinity United Parish, WI)